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RFID offers great opportunities for secure ID capture in demanding environments. Frequency selection, type of chip incl. Method of mounting requires experience and testing. Based on your needs description we can suggest solutions, but most often it is necessary to carry out a real test on products that are to be labeled and in environmental registration can happen.

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Why use RFID for oil field tracking?

By using RFID for tracking assets in oil fields, industry companies can streamline workflow, provide a more secure environment for personnel, and minimize the chances of manual failure resulting in downtime.

When assets are tagged with RFID tags, the equipment can be immediately identified, and key data may be available on site; - where the activities take place. This results in a number of benefits, including:


  • Fast, easy, and detailed identification of the assets

  • Significant reductions in lost and misplaced equipment

  • Easier tracking of usage and routine maintenance

  • Previous indication that new parts must be ordered

  • Countless hours saved for tracking specific parts

RFID tags are able to survive extreme environments - 30,000 PSI, 200 degrees Celsius and contact with corrosive chemicals - for hundreds of hours in context. The right choice of RFID chip and proper mounting has the potential to provide a solid return on investment.

How to choose the right frequency and tag?

RFID tags are available in different frequencies; - all with their possibilities and limitations. In general, today either HF or UHF is chosen. You will find some more information about this on the individual product pages. In order to make important assessments, there are some questions that should be answered; - for example:

  • What is your area of use?

  • Are There Any Extreme Environmental Factors To Consider?

  • What type of reading distance is needed?

  • What type of material should the pieces be used on?

  • Do you have any limitations on chip size?

The choice of solution usually requires testing of alternative solutions in the environment in question. iTAG Solutions can contribute with expertise and experience to ensure an optimal solution for your needs!

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