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Utnytter RFID for sikker og effektiv

ID-fangst for å oppnå bedre kontroll og sporbarhet med tanke på service- og vedlikeholdsarbeider.

Se www.safeup.no for ytterligere detaljer.

iTAG Solutions har nødvendig kompetanse og erfaring for å støtte ditt prosjekt

RFID Tags & Labels

With more than 5 million RFID tagged assets in the industry, Infochip has developed into a leading developer and supplier of robust ID solutions.


By encapsulating RFID transponders in metal or synthetic materials, RFID can now be utilized for extreme applications that have not previously been possible. This includes environments with extremely high temperatures, oil, chemicals, water, dust, etc.


This provides the opportunity to utilize solutions for managing and controlling key assets (asset management), control of inspections and other orders, maintenance routines, field service, and much more.

RFID Readers & Handhelds

iTAG Solutions offers a wide range of handheld terminals and RFID readers for industrial use by leading manufacturers such as Ecom, Zebra, Bartec, Tectus, TSL, XCIEL, SICK, and more.


What is the right choice for your business depends entirely on the requirements that the environment uses, and not least how safe ID capture is desired. It is important to choose a terminal that is robust enough for the environment in which it is to be used, and satisfies any requirements for the EX zone.


Our software can be run on both Windows, Android and iOS hand terminals, smartphones and tablets.

GPS Products & Solutions


With a cloud-based software platform and robust GPS units supported by global satellite or mobile networks, control and efficiency are achieved in otherwise often chaotic field operations.

Geoforce's GPS devices are of the smallest and most robust in the market; - including an ATEX zone 0 unit. We also offer a flexible subscription program to meet your needs.

Work in the field sets requirements for mobile tools and applications. The GPS units come with a free software that gives you instant ocean view and control.

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