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TESSALink Asset Management Solution

TESSALink Solution


TESSALink is a cloud-based database solution for controlling assets and carrying out maintenance and inspections work. Through IOS or Android apps, effective implementation and access to information on mobile platforms is ensured where the activity takes place.

TESSALink offers great flexibility for adapting to specific needs, and data can be easily exchanged with other systems.

TESSALink Desktop


TESSALink Desktop is asoftware that is installed on a Windows PC. The program is used to record assets, test certification and inspections. The assets can be traced from the desktop based on registration either with RFID tags or serial numbers. Features include:

  • Interfaces for volume registration, assignments and inspection / test forms

  • Thousands of configuration options are predefined and can be easily tailored

  • Utilizes RFID, barcode or serial number to create and identify an asset

  • Create or retrieve instant information about an asset such as next date for test, size, model, security data, and more

  • Update location of a device or selection of assets

  • Fill in inspection / test forms with predefined inputs

  • Works both connected and disconnected; - synchronizes with eQuip Online

  • Can be integrated with other software and with IC TestBench

TESSALink Online

Work History skjermbilde.jpeg

TESSALink Online is a web application and a database system that collects information about assets and includes various reports and analytical functions.


  • Post new assets online or upload via IC Mobile or IC Desktop

  • Extract test and inspection data, photographs, historical documents, etc.

  • A dashboard notifies you of decay / past due dates, locations and flagged alerts

  • Customized reports are printed or exported to archives

  • Set up emails for responsible personnel regarding notifications

  • Personalized screenshot with own logo

TESSALink Mobile


With TESSALink solutions for IOS and Android Smartphones you can, in any connected or offline mode, carry out your inspections safely and efficiently.

Effective processes are ensured in combination with secure ID capture through the use of RFID tags that can withstand the stress of the environment in which your assets operate. Proper choice of chip type and mounting is also crucial.

TESSALink Testbench


TESSALink TestBench can be utilized by workshops that carry out assembly and testing so that time spent on recording information is reduced and at the same time avoiding possible incorrect registrations.

  • Direct integration with existing digital test tools

  • Provides the opportunity to create digital test certificates, and import information details to IC Desktop (location, due date, load limit, description, length, size, etc.)

  • Preparation of a complete digital certificate that can be printed and uploaded to til Quip Online for future reference

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