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TESSALink - for effective operations


Some challenges… and a solution

Standard solutions for managing the business assets normally have challenges in terms of having control over a full range of equipment. High volume assets, which constantly change location, and assets that are demanding to identify are often referred to paper and spreadsheet handling; - or often not controlled at all.

This easily leads to errors, superfluous registration and inaccurate overall views. Smaller assets can also be considered "impossible" to have control over, but new regulations impose requirements for traceability.

Important questions must be answered:

  • How can these assets be identified?

  • Who will register the description of the individual asset?

  • How will information become available between different actors?

Infochip offers tailor-made solutions for all players who need to know the asset's life cycle. This improves both safety and efficiency.

Infochip Advatages...


  • Reduces downtime associated with inspections by as much as 65%

  • Eliminates the need to re-record data for inspection reports

  • Full control of data for preventive maintenance

Safety requirements

  • Immediate and accurate identification "in place"; - No danger of reading errors or information errors

  • Additional information: Workload, maximum pressure, size, length, type, cost, last inspection date, etc. limits.

  • Achieve full control of daily inspections

  • Standardized inspection routines for any type of asset

Access to information

  • Improve control of your inventory with accurate and complete records

  • Register and report service and maintenance history to extend safe and good utilization of the individual asset

  • Have control of important documentation, attachments, pictures, spreadsheets, etc.

  • Receive alarms and reminders for overdue entries, flagged events, and open work orders

IC TESSALink includes the following software packages; - click for more information
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