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TESSALink Desktop
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TESSALink Desktop is a software that is installed on a Windows PC. The program is used to record assets, test certification and inspections. The assets can be traced from the desktop based on registration either with RFID tags or serial numbers. Features include:

  • Interfaces for volume registration, assignments and inspection / test forms

  • Thousands of configuration options are predefined and can be easily tailored

  • Utilizes RFID, barcode or serial number to create and identify an asset

  • Create or retrieve instant information about an asset such as next date for test, size, model, security data, and more

  • Update location of a device or selection of assets

  • Fill in inspection / test forms with predefined inputs

  • Works both connected and disconnected; - synchronizes with TESSALink Online

  • Can be integrated with other software and with TESSALiunk TestBench

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