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TESSALink - for efficient operations

TESSALink optimizes the process of locating, tracking, inspecting, testing, certifying and maintaining industrial resources and resources.

TESSALink's inspection management solution enables each party in the asset's life cycle to interact with the digitally transferred property record.

Provider of cloud computing, users manage equipment with a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets and PCs. Information is available in real time or offline.

TESSALink also allows open data exchange with other sources using RESTful APIs and Software Development Kits that provide easy connection between ERP, CRM, HRIS and other back-office systems.

IC TESSALink consists of the following software packages:

TESSALink's software enables manufacturers, distributors and end users to work together to effectively manage the certification, tracking and inspection of industrial assets from cradle to grave. TESSALink's partners and customers include equipment manufacturers, distributors and inspection companies, and deliver innovative security tracking solutions to users worldwide.

Apps for smartphones and tablets give your mobile workforce expanded capabilities. Compatible with smartphones and tablets (Apple, Android, Windows), TESSALink Mobile Apps uses RFID, barcode or serial number to create and identify assets. Our apps work the way you do, with easy-to-use features for the end-connected end user such as "Click & Pass" inspection forms and intuitive Heads-Up Displays providing instant asset details.

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